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Fire of Transformation
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*** FIRE OF TRANSFORMATION *** Now in English – a new book about Babaji, the Great Master of the Himalayas.

The diary of Gaura Devi – one of the first Westerners to meet Babaji in 1972, and who spent most of the following twelve years with him in India.
A story of love between a woman and the Divine, between soul and spirit, between earth and sky, unique and precious. This is a deeply moving and personal account of challenge and revelation, of joy, struggle and surrender, of the outer and inner journeying towards self-discovery.
From being a young student in Milan the author felt an inner prompting to go to India in a search for love, the love for God. There she encountered the legendary Hairakhan Babaji -- referred to by Yogananda in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi -- the revolutionary teacher and acclaimed Mahavatar who transformed her life completely.

FIRE OF TRANSFORMATION - - 208 pages, 36 black/white photographs and a foreword by Peter Dawkins.

Cost: £10.95 UK
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